The Murder of Sir Francis & Mrs Drake
October 25, 2013: Sir Francis Drake goes missing. There is no evidence at the scene. It was thought that possibly he left because he was tired of the constant 'quacking' of his women, but that theory was quickly dismissed when  all of the nookie he was getting from them on a daily basis was considered. A widespread search was conducted but no trace of Sir Francis was found. Not a single feather. "Fowl" play was suspected.
October 26, 2013: A surveillance camera is set up to monitor events in the Quack Shack and Duck Pond.  Recordings are made of all duck-related activities.
October 31, 2013: Surveillance Cameras capture an attack on the duck pond. The perpetrator is seen attacking 2 of the remaining girls, who manage to escape, however, he returns and brutally murders Mrs. Drake (#1). The entire attack and murder is captured by the cameras.
November 1, 2013: A BOLO (be on the lookout for) was immediately issued for the murderer using photos captured during the attack. All appropriate agencies were notified. Traps were set and monitored for the perpetrator. Prints were taken at the  crime scene.
November 15, 2013: After two weeks of intense search and surveillance, the perpetrator was seen returning to the scene of the crime. He refused to surrender. A gun battle ensued and the perpetrator was ultimately killed in the battle. Pictured below is the perp and his weapon found with him.
November 15 2013:  An autopsy was conducted and a corners report released.
The original report showed cause of death as "natural causes" but was later changed to "gunshot below left eye" The corner defended his original conclusion saying "when an Italian shoots someone in the head, we usually list it as natural causes.."
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